You may have already heard about this, but this is a ridiculous testimonial by a well known celebrity.

Tell me what you think! What is your experience with a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner?
Do you feel that it's the vacuum cleaner for the money or is there something that can achieve the same for less?

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Vacuum On NBC

  1. I am a 23 year veteran of the Unites States Air Force. Currently, I am in
    Baghdad for a one year tour. Early in my career I purchased a D2 model at a
    yard sale in North Florida for $5. It needed new bearings and a new switch,
    but other than that it worked very well. Twenty years later, it is still
    running. It needs new bearings, a hose, and a bit of TLC, but it is the best
    vacuum I have ever used…without exception. The Rainbow is fantastic! Of
    course it provides unparalleled performance when it comes to keeping my
    carpets thoroughly clean, but even more importantly, it does not produce
    that sickening odor ALL other vacuums produce. The old D2 has cleaned
    carpets all over the United States and in Europe. When my friends really
    want their floors cleaned, they borrow my Rainbow. When I return home from
    my time here in Baghdad, my family may upgrade to a new vacuum. One thing
    for certain, it will be a Rainbow.

  2. Shane,

    When you get back from Iraq and buy your Rainbow from here :), let me know and I’ll send you my commission for that item.

    That’s the least that I can do.

    Thank you for your service!

  3. I purchased the platinum e-2 & I loved it so much I am now selling them. I feel like I have to make people aware of how much better the Rainbow is than all the other vacuums out there. The Rainbow is the best purchase I have ever made in my life. Recommend it to everybody especially for those who suffers from allergies and or asthma.

  4. We purchased a Rainbow Se model about 20 or so years ago and have used it with great results. But recently, we received a nice orential rug back from our daughter who has inside/outside dogs. The first time I vacuumed, the water was muddy. This happened for the first 6-7 vacuuming. I then shampooed the carpet and vacuumed again and the same thing, muddy water. After several more times the water was finally clear and the carpet it clean. This really proved to us what a wonderful machine Rainbow is and we will recommend it to anyone!

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