This is the top of the line super deluxe extreme pack, so says the description, ans once you see theses pictures, I'm sure you'll agree with that description. Most would agree that the Rainbow's quality is second to none, but the price tag on a new one leaves a lot to be desired. After all, we don't all make the kind of money Kathy Lee Gifford makes ( A Rainbow Vacuum owner).

That's why buying a second hand one, especially from vacuum guys, makes a lot of sense. These vacuum professionals offer FREE lifetime support for the LIFETIME that you own, now sure who's lifetime, but you get the point!

Anyway, check out this visual tour, and just so you know one a few have already been sold, but he's got some more, but hurry, not sure when he'll sell out.

There's about $1500 worth bonuses, right there in that picture!

The official Rexair label.

Next we have the Electrified Power Nozzle with Large Brush Set

What sets Rainbow Vacuums apart is the water basin where dirt is trapped, and stays there. This is why Rainbow Vacuums are favorite vacuum cleaners of allergy sufferers everywhere.

There are tons of more pictures over on Ebay, clicking on any of those links will take you there. This is what this particular seller "suunygold23" has for sale.

Listed below is the current inventory of this particular seller!

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