Recently Rexair,LLC. introduced the first redesign to their ever popular Rainbow Vacuum. The model named rainbow E2 Black model 12 is surprisingly given the fact of the tight economy we are in right now. Door to door sales has never been an easy business to be in and many companies are holding off on research and development at this time. Rexair, LLC. deserves a lot of credit for having invested their money in bringing this new product: Rainbow Vacuum E2 Model 12.

The main motor remains the same it's the same one that's been in since 2003 however we need to remember that they were state-of-the-art in 2003 in with the first vacuum cleaner manufacturer to include a computer and controller in their household vacuum cleaner. This motor has been very successful even though many companies have not followed suit. Making sure that all loss also suction and power is minimized and put to use for better vacuuming pop power. They have also made a few adjustments to the electrified hose for an improved cleaning experience this will probably mean higher sales for the company as well as a people upgrading to the new vacuums.

One of the features of the new rainbow vacuum cleaner is the plastic black color and more content there up contemporary looking set of labels. The court catty has also been redesigned The filter cover has been redesigned to make it more easily to accommodate the whole court and to avoid breaker breakage as in previous model models. They have also added LED lights to improve the aesthetics of the product the valley for the vacuum cleaner has been redesigned as well with a rubber bumper completely around the perimeter so that will not scratch up your furniture disproves to be a great improvement in longer-lasting valley that will not soon have to be replaced.

The folks over at have taken it for a spin and have a full review over there.

Just like them, we do not sell brand new Rainbow Vacuums. If you are looking for one please go to your local authorized Rainbow Vacuum dealer.

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